Hi, I'm Thorsten Klein and I currently work as what some people call a "DevOps-Engineer"...

Basically I'm combining (infrastructure) operations and software development to enable other devs to care for their application throughout the whole software development lifecycle. That means, that I provide and manage the infrastructure and tools, help them to use them in a self-service way and sometimes develop new tools. You can checkout some of my open-source contributions in the Projects section below.

Everything I share here is personal content, even though I might've created it at work. Opinions and work styles shown here are my own and not my employer's.

Note: This site is under construction... maybe you'll find more content here soon.


Here's an exerpt of the projects which I'm currently working on:

rancher/k3d (OP)

Easily run Rancher Lab's k3s (minimal Kubernetes distro) in docker containers.

iwilltry42/k3d-tools (OP)

Project supporting rancher/k3d.

iwilltry42/rancher2-job-monitor (fork)

Web-UI to monitor the status of Kubernetes Jobs with links to the Rancher UI.

tumblr/k8s-sidecar-injector (fork)

Enable easy injection of sidecars (and other settings) into pods before starting them.


Here are some things I wrote about tech topics. It's not much, but maybe I'll find some time to add new articles/posts later :)

Refactoring a Monolith into Microservices
- An Engineering-Driven Approach -

[2018] This is my bachelor thesis (PDF) which I wrote in trivago's web-performance team: All about Microservices.

Splitting a Monitoring Monolith into Separate Components
- Moving to Microservices for Monitoring Content Delivery Networks -

[2018] A post I wrote for the trivago techblog that gives a short overview over my journey at trivago and some details about what I did in my bachelor thesis.